short falls and failures

There ended up being many short falls and failures with this project. I think I went in with a project that was too big for my capabilities and instead of at the beginning making myself happy with the idea that this was just a concept, the start of the bigger version, I was hoping I was going to create something that was finished and ready for launch.

The big idea was to create 15 games, I then narrowed this down to only creating 6 for the concept version. In the end, I only managed to create 5 games, these 5 games were all almost completed, there were still tweeks that I could have made to each one to make them perfect. My lack of knowledge in ActionScript meant I took longer than hoped to create each game.

The functionality of the game was also not to the point at which I was happy with, when running on Flash the game worked quite well, but once put on the phone (a week before the deadline) I found that there was many bugs and issues. The biggest being the fact that objects weren’t removed from the stage when new levels were loaded. This meant there was a huge build up of objects which caused the game to eventually run very slow. Not only this but at times the games that were under would continue to run, so you could loose a game that you weren’t even playing.

My biggest failure was not getting the highscore system to work. This left my game with no real meaning, there was no push to go back to the game as BLAH BLAH stated, the game would never be successful without this. This failure came down to my timing, I didn’t give myself a realistic amount of time to complete the scoring code of my game, I didn’t believe it would be as difficult as it eventually was. To create a scoring system that worked the way I wanted I would have needed to include three new class’s of code, those of which I just didn’t end up having the time to complete.

The problem with the endGame function was also a failure for me. There was no ability to be able to restart the game once you lost, which meant when playing on the iPhone you would have to completely shut down the application before you could start again. This is just tedious. And no user would ever continue to use the game if they had to do this every time.

I wanted to animate win/lose scenes for each level, I had planned these in my storyboards. I had at the beginning of the project hoped that I would be able to animate these scenes myself. I really wanted to get back into Flash for animating. But unfortunately I didn’t end up having the time. This led to me trying to find a collaborator at the last min to animate these scenes for me. Emily had already created almost all the design objects I wanted, but in the end this wasn’t enough for my new collaborator, he needed more objects. He was happy to create these himself, but the time given to create 10 different scenes was just not enough. This was a real disappointment, these scenes were going to make the game what it should have been – funny and crude.


Next steps

To further my project from here I would firstly need to fix the bugs that are still left in the game. Completely remove objects from the screen, create a high score system and a high score page, add in the win/lose scene’s, and create a function that sends you back to the start.

Once these problems have been solved the game could then be released to the app store.  I would plan to release the game with 10 levels to start with, once the player reaches 5000,10000,15000,20000,250000 all the characters would have been released. Hopefully the urge to continue to beat your own high score, and friends high scores, would keep them coming back to the game for the time being, as BLAH BLAH said previously about successful games. (BLAHBLAH).

After that, new levels would be released for free, eventually adding up to 20 levels. New characters may also be released, say the mother/father of the main character, hopefully by that point the player will have gained a bond with the character, making them want to save his parents too.


In the end, I was quite disappointed with the outcome of my project. There were big functionality problems that were not solved in time due to my lack of knowledge of ActionScript, and this left the game faulty, incomplete, and not exactly enjoyable to play. Not having a scoring system left the game with no real purpose, which was a huge failure for me.

One of the main reasons I chose to use Flash was because I wanted to get back into animation, but as the code ended up overloading me, I never ended up getting to play with Flash as I had hoped. This meant that I could have used another language and program to make my game, that would have made more sense and been better compatibility with Apple, as I didn’t manage to use Flash for what I wanted to anyway.

I think my biggest weakness in the creation of my game was my lack of knowledge of ActionScript, I took a risk and chose a language that I didn’t know much about at all. This in the end let me down. If I’d have had the time I should have spent a few weeks prior to starting the project to get my head around ActionScript, this would have then started me off on a much more solid ground, giving me more time to focus on the troublesome pieces of code.

At the beginning I, as others did, had my questions and doubts about Flash and Apple. Using Flash to create for Apple was actually very simple, it was easy to test and debug problems, and very easy to put onto the phone itself. I was very aware of how the quality differed when it went from previewing on Flash to previewing on the iPhone, the quality was no where near as good as I thought it would be. This may have been down to a fault of my own, creating images that were too detailed for it to handle. But then that means that I couldn’t create a game with the detail I’d wish for with Flash. Still, I wouldn’t discard Flash as many others had. I’m still quite intrigued to do something with Flash that works perfectly for iPhone, I feel my game could have the potential, it just needs to have more work done to it to get it ready for that stage.