When I first started my project I created a Gnatt Chart to control my time. I knew that there was a lot to do with my project, and creating a time plan would be so beneficial for me to keep on track. I also included on the time plan the time in which I wanted my collaborators to complete their work by too, so they could look at it and understand my schedule. (See Appendix 3).

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to stick to my time plan. With a month to go I was roughly about two weeks behind with my work. It had taken me longer than I had imagined to code the individual games. As I didn’t know how to code ActionScript before I started, I was having to learn as I went along, this meant when I came to more complicated parts of code it ended up taking me longer to work out how to code and fix them.

With these delays  pervious delays and the last three weeks of the project approaching, I used the MoSCoW Method to decide on which parts of the projects were the most important for me to complete. The MoSCoW method is where by you determine which aspects of a project you Must complete before the deadline, which high priority items you Should complete, what you could complete if extra time is created, and what you think you Won’t complete before the end. (Wikipedia, 2014)


  • Get GameOver and StartGame functions working correctly.
  • Get scoring system working.
  • Add win/loose scenes.
  • Add sound/theme song.
  • Add the rest of the graphics.


  • Play around with the graphics.
  • Play around with the animations.
  • Play with difficulty of levels.


  • Add two more levels.


  • Have randomly shuffling characters, those of which are only loaded after a certain high score is reached.
  • Have as many games as originally desired.

With three weeks to go I tried to stick to these plans, but again, I hit problems with the difficulty of the code. I managed to make the gameOver and startGame functions work and a week and a half. I also gave each level a score system that worked for the individual level, but I did not manage to make the highscore system work.