Target Audience

In Fllurrys report (2014) they show figures of the ‘mobile addict’, stating that the most addicted is the 18-24 year olds. This means that 18-24 year olds are using their mobile phones the most out of all age groups. This also links in well the age of drink drivers, in 2011 360 drivers between the ages of 16-24 were killed due to drink driving. (GOV, 2011). The data links together very well, and shows that a game based on drink driving could be beneficial to 18-24 year olds. I do not feel that I need to decide upon which sex the game should be built for as I think that both males and females would enjoy the game, although men are described as bad drivers I feel both have the same capability to drink and drive.

To extend on my research I also created a survey to find out which age group downloaded games for their phones, and what games they were most likely to download. The results from this (See Apendix 1) also showed that the highest downloader of games was the 18-24 year olds.



Chosing a Platform

Choosing the platform for my game was a tough decision, as realistically in the end, I would want the game to be available for all platforms. I did some research on Apple, Android and Windows. Although Android sells the most phones, they do not gain as much profit from their applications as Apple does. (mobiThinking, 2014) Thinking about the future of my game, if I decided to market the app, putting it on the Apple App store would provide more in my favour as I should gain profit from it. There for my decision was made to create the game for Apple, but with the intentions in the future to also move to Android and other platforms.


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Why Flash?

There has in the past been issues with Apple and Flash, so why would I chose to use Flash to create my game? After doing some research on Apple and Flash – digging through all the bad press – I found that since Adobe brought out Flash CS6 there have been less issues between the two. Although Apple do not like the idea of cross platform applications as much as using their own products, Flash still is able to publish to the Apple App store. Adobe (2012) say:

“There are currently more than 20,000 mobile apps and games built using Flash technology available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.”

As I had a key interest in animation, and wanted that to be a part of my game, it made sense that the tool I would use to make animations would be the tool I would use to create my game. I too have my doubts with Flash and Apple, but I thought that this was a prime opportunity for me to take on another challenge during my project, to develop and decide my own opinions by going head first and doing the unthinkable.

I have little knowledge of coding with ActionScript 3.0, so this is something else that I will have to learn as I go through the process of making my game. I have done research into coding with Flash for application games, and found that I need to take the Object Oriented Programming method, as this should make my game run a lot smoother and quicker. Using timeline code would be difficult and run slow with the amount of code and timeline events I would need.

Case Study – Angry Birds

It’s not only about creating a successful app that is important, it’s maintaining that success once it has been released. Angry Birds has reached over one billion cumulative downloads. Rovio (2014) also provides more specific Angry Birds statistics:

  • 200,000 years of combined game play
  • 300 million minutes of game play per day
  • 266 combined game levels played
  • 400 billion birds launched
  • 44 billion collected stars

Angry birds is the most downloaded application of all time, and its ability to keep users returning to it is what makes it so successful. Rovio builds this success by constantly introducing new levels to the game, there is always more to play. Not only this, but the addictiveness of the game is created in their scoring system. The idea to gain more points and stars with the little amounts of birds makes every level re-playable.  And with updates free of charge there is no stopping the game from loosing any players. 


The simplicity of Angry Birds is something that I want to take forward in my game, I want it to be easy to use, so after being played once, you will know how to play it forever. It seems that the key to a successful game application is creating something that can be repetitively play, but also constantly updated. Creating a successful game like Angry Birds always comes down to the user. If the game satisfies the users’ needs, they will constantly continue to return to the game.

Competitors – Dumb Ways to Die


Dumb Ways to Die is an IOS application game, and this is what gave me the inspiration for my project. It has a catchy song, and addictive simpleness which I wish to embed in my game. But this makes the game my biggest competitor. My game will be created in a similar format as Dumb Ways to Die, quick mini games with a high score system, it could be said that my game would run in competition with them. To avoid any direct competition my game will differ as it has a different motive as its theme, whereas Dumb Ways sometimes references level crossing awareness, my game at every level will focus on drink driving.