Story Boards

I started off my brain storming lots of ideas of different levels for the game. Emily and Livvy helped me at this point and threw some different ideas into the mix as well. Once I had decided upon 15 different games I was ready to start storyboarding how they would play. As this there is only a short period of time to create the games, I decided that it would be reasonable to only take 6 of the games through to the storyboard process, but have the others ready for when the time came to expand.







Design Inspiration

As Emily was creating my characters for me, I create a mood board style collection of images, colours and characters that I previously liked. She then used this to create the first set of characters which were placed forward to user testing.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.58.19


I decided that I wanted the characters to be bold and bring as this drew your attention too them, and made them look friendly and appealing.

Characters – Second Look

After speaking to Emily about the user testing she agreed that there needed to be some improvements. We then sat down together and discussed exactly how the 5 different characters were going to differ from each other. I decided that it would be a good idea to have the characters aging. As with humans, we want to live as long as possible, and drink driving can be a cause of death, which means no longer  living till you’re old. I thought that this would be a nice idea for the game, to make the user feel more attached to the character. Only when you have reached a certain amount of points would you be able to unlock the next generation of character. With that in mind Emily then came up with two new sets of characters, that looked as though they were aging.



I then took these characters back to my same user’s to test them for their new opinions.