What Makes a Good Mobile Game?

A presentation by Nick Watt suggests a good app “plays to the strengths of mobile”. In his eyes, this consists of five things: Communications, Spontaneous, Geo-sensitive, Short periods of use and Focused activity (Watt, 2010).

In my game I look to follow these five things:

  • The game needs to constantly communicate what is going on, so descriptions of how to play each level should be shown. Where a timer is used, this should be shown counting down.
  • The game should surprise the user, there should always be new things to be discovered. To meet this I will make characters only available after a certain high score has been reached.
  • Geo-sensitive, although this means using the geo-location of the phone, I will understand it as using different features of the phone. I want to use the microphone, accelerometer, and all the different finger gestures to create variation in the game.
  • I want the game to be able to be played little and often, it needs to be addictive in the way that the user will keep wanting to come back to it. To do this I’ll add in the high score system, which will make the user constantly want to try and compete against themselves.
  • As short periods the time played needs to be focused. This would be done my creating simple games, but grow harder in difficulty the more points that are gained. This will make the user need to focus deeper into the game, as the harder it gets the more you focus.

Using these methods I should be able to create a mobile game that is addictive and enjoyable.


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