User Testing – Characters – Second Look

Taking the new sets of characters back to the users to be tested I took a new set of notes (See Apendix 2). From this testing it was 7 out of 8 people that said they prefered the second set of characters. The one person who prefered the first said that they reason they liked those characters the most was because of their ears, they liked the idea that they looked a bit like bears. They said that I could play at the idea of the 3 bears in Goldie Locks with alcohol and none alcoholic drinks. I did like this idea and thought that there could be a level or a starting scene that showed the off, which would give a link to why the characters were designed in this way. But 7 out of 8 liked the other characters more, they said that they instantly felt a warmth to these characters, they seemed friendly and were cute. They liked how the characters changed shape and grew hair the older they got, you could really see how they developed. I decided at that point that those were going to be the characters that I was going to use.


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