The User

Not only is it the audience that is important in this project, but also the user. Who am I making the game for? And why is it beneficial for them? This is where my other ideas failed to kick off, with JoinIn there wasn’t a user who would be looking to create the app. There was no user that would benefit from the app, only the audience would.
So before coming up with the official idea for the game I needed to find a user that could benefit. As “Dumb ways to Die” had a subliminal message, to make people more aware of level crossings. I thought it would be a good idea to find an issue that could use this game as tool for gaining awareness.
I first of all thought of creating a game that could be used in airplanes, to help reinforce the safety procedures that are taken on every flight. All though this could be a useful tool, and may actually grab the attention of passagers rather than the menontimus air hostest show, it was difficult to find any real statistic that showed there was a real need for this, and a beneficial user.

I decided to look into the government and see what issues they were facing, this way I could create a tool that makes people more aware of this issue, which could hopefully then help the government with their issue, and lower the % rates of which it currently faced. Through doing this I came across the drink driving statistics.

“Provisional estimates for 2012 suggest that 280 people were killed in drink drive accidents, an increase of around 17 per cent compared with 2011 and accounting for 16 per cent of all road deaths in Great Britain.” (Department of Transport, 2012.)

This being the most recent documentation of drink driving statistics on the government website, I thought that this could be a great area to base my game on. To make people more actively aware of drink driving. I can use the UK government as my user.


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