The Idea

After going through multiple ideas I finally decided that I wanted to make a game for the iPhone. During the Christmas holidays I downloaded the game “Dumb Ways to Die” and I knew, after playing that game for the rest of the holiday, that I wanted to make something similar. I have always had an interest in animation, especially when we did it in our first year at university, but I never continued to play with it after that, so creating a game with animation would allow me to go back to my interest in it. Not only that, but when I first came to university to study Interactive Media Production I always thought that it would be a game that I would make for my final project. I’ve always been interested in games and how they are created.. as well as playing them! So when I got this idea, it felt right.

I decided I wanted to create a game that had a purpose, with some sort of underlaying meaning. I’d had been playing Dumb Ways to Die for a while before I realised that there was a meaning to the game, it was to make people award of level crossings.

This is where ‘Under the Influence” came from. It will be mini-game style, with 15 levels that will begin at 6 seconds long, but after every three games the timer will drop by 0.5 of a second. Meaning once you get to level 15 the game will only last 4 seconds, making it difficult to complete. Not only will the time change, but so will the characters that you play, the higher the score you reach the more characters you will gain. There will be 5 characters in total, to demonstrate the character going through different stages of life, baby, child, teen, adult, elderly. These characters will be unlocked every 5,000 points won.  The object of the game is to take your character – called the IMP – through to its elderly age, stopping him from getting into accidents due to drink driving. You only have one life. Each time the user wins or lose’s a level a cut scene will play, with a funny/crude 2 second clip of the character celebrating or dying.

The overall idea is quite large, and given the time allowed for the project I am going to create a concept of the full large game. I will create 6 of the 15 games, which will be fully functional. Giving an idea of how the full game will run and feel.


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