Initial Ideas

Selecting a singular idea for my graduate project was hard, it needed to be something that I was happy to represent everything that I had learned over my three years on the course. The project will be something that is kept with me for the rest of my life, and could further me into a career after university. With this in mind, I had a number of ideas of what my project could be. From a website which creates surprise birthday boxes full of clothing and accessories, to an application that tells you to put the kettle on.

JOIN IN – My original idea which I went running with was an IOS application called JOIN IN. It would use GPS and a social media style friends list to create small events – such as having a cup of tea – which users can quickly accept or decline. The app will then use GPS to tell the host of the event when guests are in proximity of their location, so that they can prepare for their guest (put the kettle on).

Join In - Harriet Frot Friends2 Current Event

I created the concept, the mock-ups, the designs, the logo, a proto-type, and even pitched my idea. But eventually decided that this project wasn’t for me. To try and push a new social media style application in the world is very difficult, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being so popular. We’ve seen this happen already with numerous apps such a Circle and Message Me. The app didn’t take into account, that although it does create another means of creating events among friends, it isn’t the only means of doing this task. Facebook already has the opportunity to create events. Communication tools like texting, whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, would also all rise above the app. This would mean the number of users who may choose to use the app would be very slim. 

Although this app had the potential to be my graduate project, with the amount that would have to go into creating the app being acceptable for the amount of time given to create it. It isn’t what I want to achieve from my final year at University.


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