Game Theory

It was important to look at Game Theory before creating my game. Game theory can be based on any kind of game, whether that be virtual or reality, as all games follow the same ideas. Cailloi’s book (1958) “Man, Play and games” describes 4 basic categories of game:

  • Agon – competitive games where skills rely on skill/expertise (competition).
  • Alea – Games of chance, which hinge on luck/fortune/destiny (chance).
  • Mimicry – play in the sense of performance/acting/pretense/playing apart (simulation).
  • linx -vertiginous risk, playful activities which involve risk/thrill seeking/extremes (vertigo).

My game will use the Agon category, the game will be repetitively played because of competition with oneself. There should always be an urge to want to beat your own high score, and also beat your friends high score. The more the user plays the better they will become at the game, making them more skilled.


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