As iPhone’s have a small screen it was important to learn how to design for this, and what factors need to be thought about when creating and designing for them. As Matt Brian (2011) says in his post:

“The user interface needs to be as unobtrusive as it can be, leaving out any design elements that don’t add a use or function to the app. Bundling in too many design elements can leave it feeling bulky and will feel un-intuitive.”

I need to think about the basic functionality of the game, what are the most important things to include and what could be left out. I decided that the game should have limited buttons, it’s very distracting having buttons on the game play screens as the screen in so small they would take up valuable space. Not only this, but some of the games will have tapping as the way to win the game, so I don’t want any unnecessary buttons around that could be clicked on by accident. There will be no pause button, as this game is about completing levels in a short amount of time, so there would be no real point in a pause button for a game that last 4 seconds. In other words, there will be no buttons on the separate game screens, keeping the space open for all the game objects. What will be included though, is a timer bar, which will move down as the timer runs out. This will not be clickable.


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