Case Study – Angry Birds

It’s not only about creating a successful app that is important, it’s maintaining that success once it has been released. Angry Birds has reached over one billion cumulative downloads. Rovio (2014) also provides more specific Angry Birds statistics:

  • 200,000 years of combined game play
  • 300 million minutes of game play per day
  • 266 combined game levels played
  • 400 billion birds launched
  • 44 billion collected stars

Angry birds is the most downloaded application of all time, and its ability to keep users returning to it is what makes it so successful. Rovio builds this success by constantly introducing new levels to the game, there is always more to play. Not only this, but the addictiveness of the game is created in their scoring system. The idea to gain more points and stars with the little amounts of birds makes every level re-playable.  And with updates free of charge there is no stopping the game from loosing any players. 


The simplicity of Angry Birds is something that I want to take forward in my game, I want it to be easy to use, so after being played once, you will know how to play it forever. It seems that the key to a successful game application is creating something that can be repetitively play, but also constantly updated. Creating a successful game like Angry Birds always comes down to the user. If the game satisfies the users’ needs, they will constantly continue to return to the game.


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