Next steps

To further my project from here I would firstly need to fix the bugs that are still left in the game. Completely remove objects from the screen, create a high score system and a high score page, add in the win/lose scene’s, and create a function that sends you back to the start.

Once these problems have been solved the game could then be released to the app store.  I would plan to release the game with 10 levels to start with, once the player reaches 5000,10000,15000,20000,250000 all the characters would have been released. Hopefully the urge to continue to beat your own high score, and friends high scores, would keep them coming back to the game for the time being, as BLAH BLAH said previously about successful games. (BLAHBLAH).

After that, new levels would be released for free, eventually adding up to 20 levels. New characters may also be released, say the mother/father of the main character, hopefully by that point the player will have gained a bond with the character, making them want to save his parents too.


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