Emily Jones – 5/5

Emily worked very hard on my project. She created all the designs; the backgrounds, the characters, and all the other objects in the game. I was extremely happy with everything she did, and the overall outcome with it all together. Every time I asked for a new object she was happy to make it and it was created for me within a day. This was great because it meant I could implement design as I went along. Collaborating with Emily made me understand the importance of communication in a project, if the communication wasn’t good you wouldn’t receive the materials that you were hoping for.

In Emilys project I helped to do her UX design. I created designs for the loading page, tracker page, motivations, daily task and the app icon. The designs changed a lot from Emily’s first designs to her final designs. I completely changed the colour scheme as the original blue felt too corporate. I wanted to create a simple design that was easy to understand and user friendly. Although in the end Emily and I had different opinions on the overall look of the design, she was heavily influenced by my design ideas and concepts with her final design that matched her background research and coding abilities.

Olivia Denne – 5/5

Livvy did a great job at finding the sounds needed for my game. Before she went to collect the sounds we spoke about the importance of sound, from what I had gathered from my research, so that she could understand the vitality and the quality needed. After this I gave her a list of the sounds needed, although many of them ended up not being used, she came back with every sound I asked, and even in some cases 2 or 3 choices of the same sound so I could pick which I felt was more appropriate.

For Livvys project I helped with data inputting. This turned out to be a much larger  job than both Livvy and I thought. Data inputting is a very time consuming thing, and I wanted to make sure Livvys data was done to the best standard it could be. I had to find details of films, trailers, actors and 4 images for over 100 films. I also helped Livvy critique and discussed her website during the development process, this made me understand the importance of teamwork in a project. Sometimes your ideas get lost the further into the project you get, your team always help each other to stay focused and on track.

Harry Hextall – 3/5

I had to get Harry in at the last minute to help me with my animations. Unfortunately, Harry didn’t manage to get my win/lose scenes done in time. This turned out to be a great disappointment because this was a main part of the game, that would link all the levels together. In the end, I had to work around this, so I put in a tap between levels.



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