User Testing Focus Group

Characters First Look

(Testers names have be changed for their own consent)


Harriet: What are your first opinions of these characters?

Abby: I’m not really that keen on them.

Ben: Me either if I’m honest.

Chris: They’re just a bit plain, there’s nothing really too them.

Danielle: Yea I agree with Chris, I don’t really understand what they are suppose to be?


Harriet: The idea is that they’re people inside costumes, there going be a number of different costumes for each character.

Ben: Oh! Now I see it, I wouldn’t have got that if you hadn’t said.

Emily: That probably shows something, if we can’t tell what they are ourselves then they probably need some more work.

Abby: Now I understand I get it, I think maybe there just needed to be some more detail in the costumes, they don’t stand out clearly that that’s what they are.

Ben: Yea I agree, right now they kind of just look like a colour all in one suit with ninja eye holes, it just doesn’t really work.

Chris: It kind of looks like little kids characters, but they’re ninjas. Strange.

Abby: I think maybe they would look better if they had more detail in them, so the costumes actually looked like costumes.


Harriet: Unfortunately the characters can’t have a lot of detail like that. Any thoughts on how to improve them from here?

 Abby: If you can’t but more detail in them, why don’t you just cut out the costume idea completely? Because they’re pretty much just an all on one colour as it is.

Emily: Yea I agree, maybe just make them even simpler. There’s no real connection with these characters, and that might be because you can’t see their faces.


Harriet: Okay brilliant. Also quickly, what do you feel about the colours?

 Chris: No, they’re not right. I didn’t think they were serious colours!

Danielle: Haha Chris!! Yea he’s right, they’re too bold. They’re like primary colours, they don’t seem as though you’ve put any thought into them.

Emily: They just not appealing, if there was a line up of characters, I wouldn’t go for one’s in those colours first, they’re too harsh if that makes sense?

Abby: They need to be more warm? Like you need to feel a connection to them, these colours just push me away rather. Maybe pastel colours?


Harriet: Right, well thank you guys, you’ve been a great help!

 Abby: That’s alright!

Emily: I look forward to seeing their final outcome!



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