User Testing Focus Group 2

Characters Second Look


(Testers names have be changed for their own consent)


Harriet: Which set of characters do you like the best?

Amy: Defonitly the second!

Bethany: 100% the second, they’re so cute!

Callum: Yea I agree.

Dave: Second.

Evie: I actually prefer the first.

Fred: You are crazy Evie, it has to be the second.

Bethany: What? Why? The second are so much better.

Evie: Umm, I don’t know,  I just like them more.


Harriet: Evie, is there any features of the first characters that make you warm to them more that the second?

Evie: Yea, I guess that’s it, I like the little ears. I think they look cute, a bit like alternative pandas or bears. Like, umm, I could picture them a bit like the 3 bears in goldie locks, ha that sounds stupid.


Harriet: No, go on!

Evie: Like you could play on that, maybe in one of the levels, but you know with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. [laughs]

Callum: That’s actually quite a good idea. I can sort of picture that already. Goldie Locks is the baddy, and you want to drink all the non alcoholic drinks so that she drinks the alcohol.

Dave: Doesn’t fit in with drink driving though.


Harriet: I really like that! That’s a great idea Evie. Lets focus on the other set now, you all instantly went for the second group, why’s that?

Bethany: They’re just adorable.

Amy: They just seem like friendly characters, you know that they’re the good guys.

Bethany: I love their hair!

Fred: I think their faces just make them friendly, you feel a sort of warmth towards them. I’d want to protect these little guys!

Evie: They are cute, I prefer the others, but these are pretty cute.


Harriet: I don’t know whether you noticed, but this is one character growing up. So baby, child, teen, adult, elderly. [points]

Callum: I thought that! Didn’t want to sound stupid though if they weren’t! [laughs]

Bethany: Oh yea I see that! Oh! That makes them even better!

Fred: Yea, that’s a great idea, now you want to protect them even more, like you want to make him grow old.


Harriet: Yea! That’s exactly the point, you have to gain points to unlock the characters, so the more points, the further in life you get.

Dave: That is awesome. Great idea.

Fred: I totally agree, now you have even more of a connection with them. You’re going to want to try hard to unlock all of them.

Bethany: They’re just so cute!

Amy: Yea, I totally think you should go with those ones. I like how the hair changes the older they get, you got that perfectly!

Fred: Yea, and they’re bodies, they just look like they’re growing up. Brilliant.

Bethany: I like the peanut the most. That’s me!

Dave: The oldy is my fav.


Harriet: Well thanks guys! That was great feedback, very positive.

Bethany: That’s alright, I can’t wait to play.


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